Need That Smile offers a fast, affordable and effective service to help resolve your smile issues.

Do you have crooked, uneven, missing or discoloured teeth? Then we can help. Need That Smile offers a service and product for the fraction of the cost of porcelain veneers. No dental visits, no drills, no injections and no shaving down of existing teeth. You can achieve the smile you have always wanted pain free in a matter of weeks.

The customer should still maintain good oral hygiene and MUST ALWAYS attend regular dental visits. Please bear in mind we are not shaving down or altering your natural teeth. This product uses your natural teeth as the template, therefore we cant make your natural teeth any smaller. Once you remove the product your natural teeth will still be the same.

When first receiving the product it may take you up to 2 weeks to get used to it as your mouth is very sensitive and the clip in veneers may feel longer / wider / thicker than your natural teeth.

Need That Smile has helped boost the confidence of 1000’s of customers over many years . Check out the before and after photos and the customer comments.

Clip In veneers are not real teeth, please don’t mistake this product for porcelain veneers as they would cost you thousands, unlike our product which is a fraction of the price. Our product is made from a flexible but durable material which is safe to be in your mouth. Similar to a gum shield but thinner and whiter with handmade detail to create the look of individual teeth however still being one full piece which goes over your natural teeth to give a different appearance and smile.

Clip In veneers are an amazing product for improving confidence for special celebrations, job interviews, wedding days, beauty competitions and generally boosting your body image and confidence within yourself.

Many customers want to see what real porcelain veneers would look like so this is a good alterative before spending thousands on a more permanent solution.

This can all be achieved in a matter of a few weeks, hassle free and pain free with very little of your time take up.